A Marine Search and Rescue (SAR) unit operating on eastern Lake Erie, based at Sugarloaf Harbour Marina, Port Colborne ON.  Founded – 1988.

Formed by a group of local boaters in 1988, the Port Colborne Marine Auxiliary Rescue unit, or POCOMAR, is a non-profit, charitable organization dedicated to marine Search and Rescue (SAR) on eastern Lake Erie.

Based in Port Colborne at Sugarloaf Marina, this all volunteer unit is part of the Canadian Coast Guard Auxiliary (CCGA), and made up of everyday citizens from Port Colborne, Welland, and surrounding areas.

Currently the unit operates two rescue vessels and has about 35 members. Though POCOMAR mainly operates in the waters directly off of Port Colborne, the Joint Rescue Co-ordination Center (JRCC) in Trenton, Ontario, often tasks POCOMAR to respond to calls from the Niagara River to the Grand River in Dunnville, and beyond. POCOMAR is consistently one of the busiest marine search and rescue auxiliary units the Central and Arctic region, Canada.