For On-Water Emergency:

  • Channel 16 - VHF Radio
  • Dial *16 - Cell Phone
  • 1-800-267-7270 - JRCC
  • Dial 911 - Local EMS

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What the members say …

“I’ve volunteered with the CCGA since it’s inception in 1979 and over the years I’ve come to appreciate the efforts of a volunteer. It gives me personal satisfaction knowing I’m there to help someone in need and to give back to my community.  To serve alongside fellow crewmembers on board who have been trained to the highest standards and work hard at maintaining those standards is something I’m very proud of. I take great pride in my membership on the unit.”

Peter Graham


“The main reason I volunteered for Pocomar was the good feeling I experience when helping out distressed boaters. Another reason would be the knowledge I gained about safe boating and seamanship from the other members over the past 21 years.”

Cal Peyton


“POCOMAR has brought me a season of serving others in an environment of camaraderie, learning and fun!”

Jeff Glanfield


“POCOMAR is a great organization to put your time toward. You’re going to meet great people. The opportunity to grow is great and you can be involved in leadership very quickly. There is a lot to learn from in-class training during the winter time to on-water training in the summer time. I feel very fortunate to belong to the POCOMAR family!”

Kamel Badri