For On-Water Emergency:

  • Channel 16 - VHF Radio
  • Dial *16 - Cell Phone
  • 1-800-267-7270 - JRCC
  • Dial 911 - Local EMS

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Unit Objectives and Mission Statement

The objectives of the Association are to:

a.      Save 100% of lives at risk through marine Search and Rescue
b.      Support the Canadian Coast Guard, its Auxiliary & local Emergency Services
c.      Promote marine safety and accident prevention through education
d.      Maintain a strong community presence
e.      Maintain a professional image and high training standards
f.       Maintain well-equipped SAR vessels and equipment


Our Mission Statement is:

To preserve life and property in the waters surrounding the Port Colborne area through search and rescue, and to promote marine safety and accident prevention within the community.