For On-Water Emergency:

  • Channel 16 - VHF Radio
  • Dial *16 - Cell Phone
  • 1-800-267-7270 - JRCC
  • Dial 911 - Local EMS

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How are we organized?

Under the CCGA …

As a unit which is a member of the Canadian Coast Guard Auxiliary (CCGA), we train and operate under the CCGA structure.  The CCGA consists of five regions and these are further divided into Districts.  Each region consists of a Regional Executive and a Board of Directors.  We are in the Central & Arctic Region, which is the largest region by geographic area.  Western Lake Ontario and eastern Lake Erie make up District 2, which is the largest District by population.  Each District is comprised of multiple units, both private and community units, and has a number of instructors and evaluators who provide for training of the membership to Canadian Coast Guard standards.

As our own unit …

Though a part of the CCGA, POCOMAR is an independant corporation and registered charity.  We also operate with an Executive Board, and a number of sub-committees who oversee administration, training and unit operations. 

The unit also consists of four search and rescue (SAR) crews who maintain 24/7 on-call duties throughout the boating season.  Each crew is lead by a Crew-Coxswain or Captain who provides on-water training to their crew members as well.

The unit operates year-round, training on water and responding to SAR calls during the boating season, and training in the classroom as well as attending various community events during the off-season. 

How we are dispatched …

When a distress situation occurs on the water, the Joint Rescue Coordination Centre (JRCC) in Trenton, ON. is notified, usually through Prescott Coast Guard Radio, or perhaps the 911 system.  JRCC is part of the Department of National Defence and they are responsible for the coordination of marine and air searches throughout the country. 

If a situation requires emergency response from POCOMAR, JRCC will activate a pager system which will alert our duty crews there is a situation.  After recieving details from JRCC, a Crew-Coxswain will organize his or her crew and respond to the call as required.  On the water, Prescott Coast Guard Radio will relay information to and from the SAR unit and JRCC.  The controllers at JRCC will take all of the information they have and use a variety of available resources to coordinate the search effort.