For On-Water Emergency:

  • Channel 16 - VHF Radio
  • Dial *16 - Cell Phone
  • 1-800-267-7270 - JRCC
  • Dial 911 - Local EMS

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POCOMAR’s Vessels…


To date, five vessels have served POCOMAR in search & rescue on Lake Erie.  The first vessel was a 21 foot surplussed police vessel, renamed simply ‘POCOMAR’.  While it got the unit in the water in 1989, it proved to be a little small for the often rough waters of the lake.





In 1993 this vessel was replaced by a 27 foot ‘baha’, also named ‘POCOMAR’.  This vessel served the unit for the remainder of the 1990’s.




In 2000, the unit launched a custom built ‘Dovercraft’ and named it the ‘Donald R. Workman’ after the unit’s first Commander.  This vessel was purchased through a great deal of fundraising from the community and with the support of the city, and remains the unit’s primary SAR vessel today.  It is a 34 foot steel hull construction with twin diesel CAT engines.  Each engine produces 300 horse power giving her a top speed of 28 knots and lots of towing power.

The same year the ‘Donald R. Workman’ was launched, the unit, at the request of the Joint Rescue Coordination Center in Trenton, Ontario, launched a second, smaller vessel.  This was a 24 foot used wellcraft, which was named ‘Ted Cook’ after the unit’s second Commander.  After receiving a grant from the Trillium fund, in 2004 this vessel was replaced by a custom built Stanley vessel, which was also named ‘Ted Cook’ and continues to serve the unit today.

It is a 24 foot aluminum hull construction with a 350 mercruiser engine which will push her to a top speed of 32 knots.  The vessel is fitted with a jet-drive propulsion, which gives it a shallow draught allowing it to operate in just a foot of water, a handy feature for Lake Erie’s many shallow points and reefs! Both vessels are well equipped with necessary electronics and specialty equipment for performing SAR.